This is how it looks here right now - in the midst of recording my next solo album. 
I have chosen to do it by myself, at home, just like I did with my debut "Cut to the Bone" in 2006. 
A lot of people asked for an album with the same "vibe" as when I am playing a solo concert...and I really felt like doing it like this, because it fits really good to the mood of my new songs.

In December the album "Robert Johnson Was Here" was released. It is a live album with a selection of Johnson's songs, performed live on stage by some excellent blues artists from up here in Denmark - including me. I really enjoy listening to this album and have played it a lot. 

The next release will be: Lothar, Nande & Schack: "Walk Right In"... another live album. This was a really fun one to make. All artwork is done and it is heading for the press very soon. Old time blues. I hope to have it in my hands (and with me on the road) sometime next month. 

This weekend I will join the stage with Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder in Kirche Hütten, and next week the Mojo Workings from Hungary are coming up north, for the first time ever. A few days ago a concert in Germany was added to the tour - as the only in Germany. 
I hope to see you out there at the venues - I am really looking forward to play you my new songs. Here's a video of one: 

Best regards / Viele Grüsse / Mange hilsner 

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