MAY 2022

The new album Tim Lothar & Holger "HoBo" Daub: Neu Darchau is coming soon.  

In 2020, just before everything closed down, I won an old rusty van on an auction. I did not expect this, because of the low bid, but I always wanted to have a van.  
After all the cancelled concerts that followed that spring because of the pandemic, slowly the summer arrived, making it possible to do outdoor concerts. In the beginning of June I drove to Germany, playing some concerts here and there, with a lot of days off in between. So, I just stayed there, living in my van for about 1 1/2 month.  
There was one spot I kept visiting again and again: Neu Darchau, a little village in the Wendland area, just at the bank of the Elb river. There is something magical about having all the time in the world, just doing nothing but just existing. I just could sit there and watch the small Ferry Tanja crossing the river every fifteen minutes, connecting Neu Darchau with Amt Neuhaus.  
These were magical days, away from all worries.  
That's the story of the title song of this album.  

The album has thirteen tracks:  
Time Heals, Neu Darchau, Love Song, Coffee & Wine, There Is Only Now, Seven Seas, Fado, Here And Gone Again, Nothing Here Will Be The Same, Ride, Crippled Heart, Fare Well and Coming Home.  

We will have the physical album out at the end of May, just before going to Wendland (and Neu Darchau) to play. If you wish to pre-order the album just write me an email. 

Best regards/Mange hilsner/Viele Grüsse,  

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